Firmware for Philips DVDRW885P




I really don’t know if I slept or not - but didn’t they say that there should be a new firmware for the Philips 885?
It was some time ago…
Did Philips already release a new firmware? …but I could not find any…


Moved to the BenQ/Philips forum… I haven’t seen any recent firmware updates, unfortunately.


Does anybody know if the Philips 885k supports Ricoh DVD+R DL Media (Media-Code: RICOH D01).
I’ve sent an email to philips but they didn’t answer my question…



Well, the new P1.9 is out which supports both - and + formats at the same time, guess stahlbuerste is happy now :slight_smile:

RICOH D01 is not listed within the supported media code list, but it wasnt for P.3.2 - however ala42 posted a list which he read directly from the firmware and RICOH D01 was there. Also Jan70 told me that RICOH D01 is supported. So it seems that the media code list published by Philips isn’t complete. It also contained some false writing speed e.g. for SONY D11.

So maybe Ala42 can prepare such a nice list for us again :slight_smile:


Hi, where can I find this new P1.9 firmware?

I have a DVDRW885K, and in Philips Costumer Care the last firmware available is P1.7, where have you got this info?



It was announced on our frontpage here:


Upps!!!.. it was so easy… thanks!!