Firmware for pdr-3222

Anyone know which models firmware update will work for the radio shack version of the liteon recorder? (pdr-3222) I would like to try Mr wizards hack to remove the macrovision detection. I have 30+ disney tapes that are taking up to much room in my entertainment center. Gotta get these onto dvd. Appreciate any help.

While I haven’t gone about trying to remove copy protection detection from the Lite-On LVW-110x series, I can confirm that after having a look around, the Presidian PDR-3222 is a clone of the LVW-1105 and will take official Lite-On firmware from their website. However, like updating a firmware of a Lite-On, the firmware type (first 5 letters) must match the firmware already present on the drive.

To check which firmware is on your drive, have a look at the information plate at the rear/side. The new firmware must have the same first 5 letters as the existing firmware, otherwise the drive will not recognise the disc as containing new firmware. The last three digits is the version.

The region hack should be the same as with the LVW-1105HC - Go into the menu, navigate down to the ‘Exit’ icon and key in the digits 2, 9, 6, 0 and select the appropriate region (or region free) and press the left arrow a few times to leave the menu. :wink: