Hi all,

I have bought some Magnex Dvd+RW and they’re in fact Optodisc OP4. Theor cover reports a 4x burning speed, but in fact with my nec 2510a I can only reach a maximum speed of 2,4x (strangely enough, my Teac/LiteOn 811 can burn them at 4x) :frowning:

Does someone know a firmware capable of burning them at 4x with a decent quality?

thank you all.

Herrie’s f/w will make you burn almost any media on 8X

I tried 107v2b4 and b5 but I was not still able to burn this type of media at their rated 4x speed :frowning: (now I’m using 2.15 modified by Dangerous Brothers)

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OPTODISC0P4 is on Herries’ “to do” list. It should be added to the next firmware with 4X support.
It was perviously added to Herries 107 beta 9 firmware.
Search for 2k5107b9a.rar on file mirrors if you want that version.
Note that 107b9 does have major problems with DVD-R @ 8X.

Dear Inferno83,
I used the Herrie 107beta9, allowing 4x on Optodisc OP4 with very bad results. The problem is not the Herrie firmware but the disk. Using EVERY firmware around at 2.4x i got very bad results as well (search the forum for beppes and optodisc op4). I’m very interested in looking at a scan of your disk, to see whether I got (100!!!) bad discs or Optodisk OP4 are garbadge.

:eek: :eek:

The odd thing is that with my Teac@Liteon811 I can write these discs at 4x with a decent quality (something like average 60 PI errors and average 1 PO errors). But I must admit that one of these discs became unreadable just after a month (but only one, of the 4 discs burnt with the LiteOn).

Maybe I need to remain with my LiteOn for burning them. Anyway, when I have time I’m going to post some scans done with these Optodisc op4.

Thank you all.

I used it, but I did not found that @4x for this type of media was removed in later versions of Herrie’s firmware, so excuse me. :stuck_out_tongue: