Firmware for OptiarC Ad5280s-CB R to make trays extened?

Hi I have read some old threads on here where this has been discussed many times before but most of these threads are from 2012 and most links are dead.

I have an MF digital Scribe which is an auto loading CD/DVD duplicctor. It originally came with x 2 Optiarc Ad 5260 S-CB drives. These burn fine but now the only way to open the trays is with a paper clip, neither the button on the front or a signal from the unit will open the trays anymore. I think they had 1.z9 firmware on them but interestingly the sticker only describes them as 5260s-cb, not robotic or R and the trays always extended the right amount.

A few years back I bought 15 x new Optiarc replacement drives which are ad5280s-CB-R drives , I bought these from an MF Digital supplier in the Uk and just stored them til needed. So I fitted the 5280s into my Scribe recently and they burn fine, but the trays do not extend out enough when they eject. They can manually be pulled out a few more mm so they trays extend the required distance for a robotic arm to load the cd in and out. The firmware seems to be 1.01. I asked MF digital if there is a firmware upgrade for these drives to make the tray extend, seeing as they are listed as supported drive for this machine but they said they didnt have one. I also asked Vin Power who referred me back to MF Digital. Vin power have a firmware update (1.QN)for 5280s-cb on their website with an installer but it wont re flash using that own programme. I also found an update (1.GB) on Rimage support site (a different robotic system manufacturer) , that won’t flash either.

Did anyone ever find the correct firmware to make the trays extend and have a link to it and a piece of flashing software that will work please, I can’t seem to find a copy of Binflash anywhere.

thanks in advance if anyone can help

No answer to your questions but have you considered replacement of tray belts on your old driver that were compatible with duplicator? You could have a look if it isn’t exactly the same belt on newer model if you are lucky.