Firmware for NEC 3520A with Mediarange dvd+r 8.5gb 2.4 x?

Hy Everybody.

i’m a newbie and I’ve got big problems to burn Mediarange dvd+r 8.5gb 2.4 x Media.

Wich firmware have I to use to do great burn DVD+R DL with my NEC 3520A and Mediarange dvd+r 8.5gb 2.4 x Media ?


Welcome to CDFreaks. If you want to burn Double Layer disc you better use Verbatim brand of DL disc and program DVD Decrypter for burning this type disc. If you would like to update your drive firmware then go to the NEC form and on the read first section under Leggy/Dee27 you can find different firmware for all the NEC drives including your.