Firmware for NEC 3500 with rip-lock removed, bitsetting support BUT not RPC-1?

Anyone know if there is a (good) NEC 3500 firmware out there that has rip-lock removed, has bitsetting support, but still is RPC-2?

I have researched the threads quite a bit without finding any such firmware (or maybe I just don’t understand what I read :o ).

I am no expert, but it seems from the postings that people sometimes run into trouble with some DVD’s using RPC-1. Since I am only using Region 1 coded DVD, I don’t need RPC-1 and would like to avoid any potential problems.

Thanks for any help!

Merry Christmas!

There are no problems if you use RPC-1 firmware.

So problems like these are only because people don’t use AnyDVD?

Never saw any problems because RPC-1 enabled except for this one… :wink:

I’ve never had any problems either and i’m in the USA region 1

Save (Dump) your original .bin file before you flash incase you have problems :wink:

To let everyone know, Spiderman is so far the only problem I have had after flashing the firmware. If I have any other problems I will post and let you know. I am currently trying to decide what firmware to flash to. I would like to use Maddog, but for some reason it won’t find my burner on USB.

Thanks for all the answers!

Last question before I decide to flash my ND3500 with a RPC-1 firmware: Is there any problem flashing back to a RPC-2 firmware afterwards?

No, of course not.