Firmware for microadvantage

Can anyone find a firmware to flash Micro Advantage DVD+/-RW 16X Model No. 16DDVDRW-A13 burner Plz help i cant find it anywere since company no longer has its main site.

Microadvantage is out of buisness. Your drive is a rebadged aopen 1608/1616 though. You can use hacked firmware to reflash your drive to an aopen 1608 and use firmwares avalable on aopens site. You can use another hacked firmware to convert your aopen 1608 to an aopen 1616 too if you like. It will void your waranty if you cross flash it, but who cares, micro advantage is gone and I’m guessing so is your waranty already. Also, the standard disclaimer, use modified firmware at your own risk, if it kills your drive, its not my fault. Lots of people have used it though (several people have been looking for it since they went out of buisness). Pm me with your email address and I will send you both modified firmwares.
Fyi here is a thread about the drive, and mine and others experiences with it including cross flashing (its a long thread).
fyi someone posted yesterday, your waranty is in fact history unless you got an rma number before 12/23/05. They say go to your retailer for warranty assistance, lol.