Firmware for Matshita DVD Ram UJ8A0A searched

i have a old Lenovo Thinkpad T510 with a
Matshita DVD Ram UJ8A0A
My Firmware from this Burner is :SB01.
Can help me:
Where (link) I find for the drive a more recent firmware version, e.g. the SB02 or SB31?
Or who can kindly send them to me?
Thank you.

Ask Lenovo, no one else is responsible for a theoretical update…

Why a theoretical update ?
The SB02 is real:

…then WHY don’t you just flash it??

“GENCDROM” just means that the STANDARD OS optical drives driver is being used.

I do not have the firmware SB02.
Lenovo (phone support) does not have them either.
I thought in the forum someone has the SB02 or can offer a link.

They tell you what they want…
SB02 should be already on your drive and Leonovo ONLY is responsible for support!
Aside from that it’s always hard to impossible to find firmware updates for that Matshita/Panasonic OEM drives.
I doubt SB31 is for your drive anyway.

You could try this but…

Thank you very much for your tips and help!
Do you still have a recommendation for a solid one
Universal reading and burning drive (without BDR)
for mini SATA 13.3 cm Slim Line?
Kind Regards

You are welcome!
Is the drive failing or defective??
The easiest way would be getting an external drive, but surely that’s not what you want?!
If you want to exchange the internal one, you need to get a drive which has or can get a firmware which will be recognized and supported by the BIOS itself. :wink:
And, from what I’ve read, your Laptop has an Serial UltraBay Enhanced port: