FIRMWARE for MAGICSPIN or Digital Research or BTC?

I am NEW to this, so please be patient :slight_smile:
I am also new to burning DVD’s. I bought the following burner:

When I look at the stickers on the drive, they say:
Smartpro International Ltd
There’s a Serial #, and then it says below that:
P: 6067710052
U: 78806900909
F: A188
P: 0.96
Then a barcode that says:

Don’t know if any of that will help…

I have Windows XP (home edition), SP2, and have burned a few DVD’s with it, and it works fine. But, I have a few DVD players on my TV’s, and a buddy says that if I burn DVD-ROM’s, they will work in all players, using DVD+R’s.
But, he says I need to upgrade my firmware to allow the burner to burn the DVD-ROMs. You guys seem VERY helpful here, so I thought I would try and as for some help… :bigsmile:

My main player is a Toshiba SD4980 - it only plays DVD-R’s, not +R’s.

I have AnyDVD, CloneDVD, Nero 7, and DvdXcopy.

Any help in upgrading my firmware will be VERY appreciated.
Have a great 2006!

Hi and welcome to CDF,

you don’t need to update the firmware for writing DVDs with ROM booktype. A firmware update is just useful/required when you want to get support for newer medias or when you have problems with writing quality on some media.

The firmware version indicates that the drive is a BTC 1016IM, so when you want to update the firmware then check out this thread and download the windows version of the V190 firmware for the drive. Winflash will only work when the drive is a BTC one.

You can easy set the booktype to DVD-ROM by using Nero 7 for burning. In Nero Burning Rom just click on recorder --> choose recorder --> options and select DVD-ROM as booktypesetting. This option only appears when a empty disc is inserted.

good luck

I went ahead and bought a NEC 3550A this morning, since the BTC thread hear apparently says even if I do create DVD-ROM’s with it, I’ll end up with a good set of coasters, instead of DVD’s. The firmware patch for that (the NEC) is posted here also too. I ordered some good Taiyo Yuden media also.