Firmware for Liteon DH16A3P



Hi CD-Freaks,

i am new in the board and find it very interesting.
I am looking for a firmware for a Liteon DH-16A3P. NERO Infotool shows me firmware version “NP51”.
I cant find this drive on the Liteon website and anywhere else. I try to download several other firmwares but no luck… What is the problem with my drive? Liteon support did not answer yet…



Hi & welcome,

This drive is new and there are no firmware updates for it yet. Doesn’t it work OK then? Using any other firmware will void your warranty.


Hi, thanks for reply.
Its works fine so fare but terrible with DVD+RW (I am using for Video DVD only) … but i think thats not the streng of this drive…
By the way firmware date is 2007-06-15