Firmware for Liteon 451S-02C

My Liteon 451S has firmware GBS7. Can I use 8X disk for this burner (of course 4X speed)?
Is newer firmware version available for this burner and is it worth updating?

You can upgrade it all the way to an 832S, if you want, and then you can burn the 8x discs at 8x. Check out this page:

Most 8x discs won’t be recognised by GBS7 and as such won’t burn well. :wink:

I Upadated my Liteon 451S by firmware GSB9. Is it capable to write 8x well?

no, in this firmware you has got only bigger media base
if you want 8x burn (but only DVD+R) you must flash your DVD-RW with bios from codeguys SOHW-832

Is firmware SOHW-832 sure risk free? In other words, can I break my drive with it?
Maybe it is not possible to update (without risk to break) to burn double layer disk by Liteon 451S?

Can I anyway write 8X disk (using speed 4X) by firmware GSB9?

GSB9 should write most 8x media just fine at 4x. Depends on the type of 8x media, of course. Really obscure, strange 8x media types may still be unsupported in GSB9.

Flashing to a 832S is not 100% risk-free (nothing in the world is), but there doesn’t seem to have been any problems with it (there is a whole thread about it stickied in this forum). It’s up to you if you want to try that or not. You can always reverse the process if desired.