Firmware for liteon 1673S needed


i need to download the latest firmware for this drive, so if a link could be posted with instructions for this drive, i would be most thankful.


Go here for official firmware :o

Go here for hacked firmware (RECOMMENDED :iagree: )

this is the place for you:

some scans with new firmwares would be appreciate…

lol, The Black Wizard I didn’t see you coming…

i have downloaded the following from that fite for my writer,
i will try this tonight and see… this isnt gonna break my writer tho is it?

vaporand, that firmware is the standard Liteon JS07. The only difference is that the flasher has no restriction, like the official Liteon one does. So make sure you select the correct drive on the drive selection dialog, then it will work like a charm. :wink:


i have now updated my firmware, and it now burns the ritek media fine. will the region protection now be removed from my drive? i’ll check later and if not, any way i can remove it so i can play dvd’s from anywhere more than 5 times

To make it region free use this tool in the tools collection stick thread ;).

worked, nice