Firmware for Lite-On SOHW-802S



I’m sorry if I excited anyone with the subject of this post. I’m just wondering, does anyone have any firmware for this particular drive so it can burn 16x media without reverting back to the default 2.4x write speed?


you should try the 832s firmware CG5J:
crossflashing your 802s to 832s will void warranty, but i doubt you have any.


Perhaps I will try this. I, however, have no experience in crossflashing a drive. Is this process reversible? I think I was reading somewhere on this forum that it is possible to reverse the process if the process fails. I don’t have money to buy a new drive right now and don’t want to risk screwing up a good burner to burn a little faster. Is there any step by step process that I can read up about crossflashing and possibly undoing the process on my specific drive if, by chance, the process screws up? I want to get the full rundown before I do anything. Thanks for your understanding. (Excuse my ignorance since I don’t have much experience in this field).


no problem.
the first thing to do is backing up the eeprom and the firmware.

for an eeprom backup, you need this tool:
start it, choose the right drive and click on backup eeprom. it will create a 1kb file, put it in a safe place.
read this thread for further infos:

to backup the firmware:
choose the right drive, select backup, choose a filename and press start.

now you’re ready to crosslfash the drive with the 832s firmware:
unpack, run the flasher and flash the correct drive.

after that, you should run the eeprom util again and click on “Reset Learnt Media” as the 832s firmware uses another learning space.

the eeprom ustility and LtnFW can restore your drive if you’re not happy with it after crossflashing.


Woohoo! You’re a genius! Thanks, it worked! I have one more question. Say, if I were to format my computer for some reason, would the drive revert back to 802S and I’d have to crossflash it again or would it just stay at 832S?


the drive will remain a 832S.
you should thank the real “freaks” for all their work for us normal users :bow:.


I have a LiteOn 812s that seems to be working OK. Can I change it to a 832s? And if I can, what would be the advantage over my 812s?


you can use the guide with your 812S, as they’re physically the same drives.
the 832S firmware is newer (more mediacodes, bugfixes), and supports 2.4x writing for DVD+R DL discs.

CG5J is a quality patched VS0J firmware. the newest official firmware is VS0M, but there’s no patched version available at this time.
stick to CG5J until CG5M gets released.