Firmware for Lite-on or 4kus



Hi, I have just bought my first OEM Lite-on DVD burner without any information about its manufacturer on it. On its bag there is a sticker with LDW-401S label but in device manager is stated: DRW 1S40. Also nero info tool says the same (without the Lite-On name). Could I get to conclusion that the manufacturer is 4kus by the firmware number “ESG1” which I have found on 4kus web site (as I can see, Lite-On’s firmware number is different - but then again, I am a bit confused because my dvd burner looks exactly the same as Lite-On LDW 401S and differs from 4kus model). My first try was unsuccesfull (poor quality media “3A MEDIA” 4X). I presume that other more quality media will work but anyway. Would it be wise to flash firmware already in the beginning? How can I determin the manufacturer (date of manufacturing is august 2003)? Should it be any problem if I misflash current firmware to get it back (if both firmwares are from 4kus)regarding the fact that on Lite-on’s page is stated that “once the drive has been upgraded, it can’t changed back anymore”? Does usually new firmware improves media compatibility? I am also a bit worried because I have read that flashing program “doesnt support IDE flashing so if firmware is misflashed it can not be turned to old one”. And finally, if it is possible to flash Lite-on LDW-401S to LDW-411S is it also possible to flash 4kus DRW-1S40 to DRW-1S41 (burns -R media)? Thanks:confused:


4kus drives are OEM LiteOn drives. Made by LiteOn. Uses firmware made by LiteOn. But with the 4kus label stuck on. It is possible to flash this drive to official LiteOn firmware, though you will need to bypass a few things first… :wink:

As this is a 401S drive, you may wish to visit and take a look at the “Zebra-Mod.” You will need to register as a member on that forum, but it’s free…