Firmware for Lite-On eSAU208-11

This drive works well with thus far, except 1 area – it will not read and/or write to Verbatim Lightscribe DVD+R DL discs. The drive has a manufacturing date of March 2009, and a Firmware version of ML05. Is there a newer firmware than ML05 and does support these Verbatim discs?
The Lite-on website doesn’t show any firmware updates. Thanks
Note: The Disc ID for these discs are MKM-003-000. The non lightscribe DL discs have the ID of MKM-001-000.

I did some further testing, and this drive WILL write to the Verbatim MKM-003 discs. It Just won’t read. That is totally weird. What it sees is a blank data disc that it wants to format with Live File System. I guess I should state I’m running Vista .