Firmware for LG GSA-4120B

I am driving my DVDRAM GSA-4120B from a G4 AGP Mac and find that it won’t burn Audio CDs (ie freezes in the process) but works well with all DVDs. Now the firmware used in my model is A111 and I see the latest is A117. Is it likely that upgrading the firmware will make any difference to the ability to burn Audio CDs either using Toast or using iTunes? Should the 4120 be able to burn audio CDs? I would much appreciate any help regarding this. :frowning:
regards, Robert


upgrading to the latest firmware might indeed improve the ability to burn audio CD (seems, that is a general problem with many LG drives). And of yourse your 4120 should be able to burn audio CDs.
Unfortunately, you’ll need to install the drive in a Windows box, as the firmware update utility is a Windows application.


Hi, Michael,

Very many thanks for your very useful reply to my Email. I did try upgrading the firmware on a PC but failed for no good reason; it seemed to crash the computer! Can you advise which site to use to get the latest version. I think I used the Dangerous Bros site. Would trying to upgrade using Virtual PC work?

It was good to know that upgrading the firmware might sort my problem but even more useful to know that the 4120 should be able to burn CDs!

Regards, Robert

Robert, I’m not sure if flashing with Virtual PC will work. Unless someone here has actually tried it and got it done successfully, I think you’d best play safe and flash with the real PC. A few tips to getting the drive to flash successfully :

[li]Connect the drive on an IDE cable alone. Do not share the cable with any other drive. Some other drives have been known to conflict with LG DVD writers. There isn’t a clear pattern as to which drives cause this problem, so just play it safe.
[/li][li]Boot into safe mode in windows and then flash the drive. This will usually bypass the loading of most third party programs usually loaded at boot time, which may interfere with the flashing process.

Hi, many thanks for your response regarding flashing the LG which has a USB of a Firewire connections. I understand that I should the the USB interface. Any suggestions regarding firmware sites?

regards, Robert

Everyone’s favourite region free firmware site :slight_smile: It should have A117.