Firmware for hp DVD A DS8A4LH ATA Device



hey guys plzzz help me out …
i want to flash my DVD drive and i have no firmware :frowning:
plzzzzz if anyone has a link or has firmware of hp DVD A DS8A4LH ATA Device, then plzz give me … and reply me if anyone wants to talk about this drive … you can see images below if you can help me …

and sorry for my bad English :stuck_out_tongue:


Hello, and welcome. :slight_smile:

Why do you want to flash your DVD drive?


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i want to flash my drive with media code speed edit because i want to burn disc which has media ID MBIPG101-R12-00. And one more thing that this media ID is not supportable with my DVD drive to burn discs on 2.4x … plzzzz help me … thanx in advance …


Are you sure the media is not supported by your drive? If there are problems, it may be bad media.

Finding a firmware for this drive may be hard, since HP doesn’t release many firmware updates, and LiteOn doesn’t release very many firmware updates that can used on OEM drives.


if there is any other way that you can tell me that how to burn MBIPG101-R12-00 at 2.4x if my dvd drive is not supported the media ID to burn at 2.4x … if there is no other way then plzzz give me the firmware link or firmware file because i have to do it if there is not another way …


and yes i am sure that my DVD drive is not supports MBIPG101-R12-00 to burn on 2.4x … plzzzz reply me and help me :frowning:


Let me understand :slight_smile:

The problem is that you want to burn that specific media only at 2.4x? Why that speed in particular? What speed allow your burner? And what speed is certified that disc?


yes, i want to burn the MBIPG101-R12-00 at 2.4x
because i want to burn XGD3 games for my console otherwise my DVD will not work on my console
my burner and disc allows me to burn at 3x , 4x … and one more time :frowning: sorry for my bad English … and thanx that you are replying me instantly …


Then its bovious that you should by either a better dvd burner or originals as supposed to do…



Hi amankmr03

Would you mind using the Flash Utility ( to dump a copy of your firmware. I haven’t seen any firmware for this DS8A4L model and it would be nice to have a firmware dump available for it in case someone needs it.

You can also use the EEPROM Utility to backup your EEPROM as well.

You can upload the files somewhere to a free host and post the link(s) in here.

As far as I know there aren’t any firmwares available for the DS8A4LH model (which presumably is the Lightscribe enabled version of the DS8A4SH) which you could try.

There are some firmwares available for the DS8A4SH which might be newer than yours (but we won’t know that until we know the date of your firmware), and crossflashing to the DS8A4SH is quite likely possible (but you will lose the Lightscribe feature if you do so). Having said that, even if you do that it will not help you with MCSE editing, because MCSE does not support any of these firmwares (the media codes are not displayed properly which is an obvious indication that the firmwares are not supported)…
Since it doesn’t support the DS8A4SH firmwares, MCSE won’t support your current firmware either (once you dump it from your drive), so you won’t be able to edit your own DS8A4LH firmware either…

Maybe try better quality media, or media which can be burned at 2.4x?

Needless to say, make sure you keep your EEPROM and firmware dumps safely if you’re planning to modify the drive in any way.


Maybe you should use better quality discs. Did you try a Verbatim disc?