Firmware for HL-DT-ST DVD RW GCA 4080N



Hi Folkz!
Searching for n firmwareupdate for the dvd drive. finding only for gsa or gma. maybe someone can post me a link and list a firmware release?

my firmware is 0w33 (first number is zero!!)

thx a lot


I’m in search of more information on this drive, as I have it in a notebook machine that I bought on 3/11/05. I believe I have the same firmware, as I see a similar version number in the devices -> drivers dialog report on the installation of the drive.

Customer support for the notebook is a little behind in catching up with Sales and Manufacturing, so it seems.

I’m looking for the DVD+R maximum writing speed of the drive. Do you know if it is compatible with 8X DVD+R media?

When I search various on-line resources, I don’t find information on this particular OEM drive by LG. I see information on drives with “4020”, indicated as 2X capable. I see information for “4040” drives as 4X capable. And I see other “4080” drives that are 8X capable, but not an exact match to the “GCA-4080N”. It seems that 4020 means 2x, 4040 means 4x, and 4080 means 8x, but I’m not sure yet.



Nero version 6.6 has an info tool which should give you the information you are seeking.
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The firmware that came with this Gateway laptop is 0g34. It seems to burn at 8X which is what I expected. No coasters so far, but it would be nice to get a region free version for this drive. But seening as it is oem, I doubt if you’ll see anything on LG’s site.


IIRC, the 4080N can do 8x max. on good +R media and max. 4x on -R media.


I finally figured the convention for naming the firmware. In my case, 0g34, the ‘g’ stands for gateway. So 0n34 and 0g34 would be the same oem frimware only the first is made for gateway and the second is for nec. so right now, 0?37 is the latest ang greatest from tdb.


HL-DT-ST DVD RW GCA 4080N, just got the reagon free firmware for mine at
i got the compaq model, fimware 0c35 (which is OEM). belive me i was very surprised to see a firmware for this model, although it is in the beta section. :slight_smile:

BTW 8x is the max for this drive w/ dvd-r and dvd+r


Same for me. I’ve a fujitsu notebook, and my bruner see x8 medium as x2.4 medium


The Dangerous Brothers made it possible.


I have a GMA-4080N that I purchased from an online retailer.

The firmware is 0L33AA (as printed on the case - Nero reports OL33). I am guessing the “L” stands for LG. Does it then much matter what RPC1 modded firmware type I flash it to? For whatever it is worth, it’s in an HP zd7000 so maybe I should use the Compaq/HP firmware?

Choices are all over the board - Sony, NEC, HP, etc.


If your drive is in a HP Lappy, use a HP firmware, and so on.


I flashed it to the HP/Compaq 0C35 RPC1 firmware and while it seems to have worked (turned it into a GCA-4080N), I noticed under InfoTool I lost DVD-RAM read/write ability. :frowning:

Someone else noted they had used the Sony 0C35 firmware so I went with that. It is now a GMA-4080N again and DVD-RAM read/write has been restored. :clap:

One question - Nero InfoTool reports RPC1 and All Regions. When I throw in a Japanese R2 DVD, PowerDVD is asking me to change the RPC to R2. Is this normal (as in you need to do this the first time you play a new Region DVD)? Or should I be concerned?

DVD Decrypter doesn’t flash the “wrong region” error, so…

I have both DVD Idle Pro and AnyDVD, so I’m covered either way. Just trying to reduce some CPU cycles when watching my Japanese R2 DVDs.


The info from Infotool is no real proof.
All that info comes directly from the firmware and hasn’t to be entirely triu…


Got it. Well, it works so I’m happy. :wink:


I have exactly the same drive. The firmware version reads 0A31.
It’s in an MSI laptop.


when i go to the site and click on my model fpr siemens fujitsu this message shows up:

phpBB : Critical Error

Could not connect to the database

Can anyone sent me the regionfree softwere?

Please pn me with your email and i will sent you me emailadress.



READ all info on the top of the page!

You have to adjust your firewall settings!!


Thank you!

It works very fine.





I’ve got the same model (GCA), but in an Acer notebook. With which firmware update am I supposed to go? Some GCA-Update for another notebook manufacturer or an Acer-update, but for another model of dvd-drive (GSA/GMA)? Any hints?




I’m using fujitsu-siemens 1425. hl-dt-st gca-4080n. I have the same problem which expierment 626 has. I updated with dangerous brothers firmware. The intervideo windvd says I have only 1 change left and if I want to watch the new dvd I need to change the region. Please help me.