Firmware for GWA 4164B

I can not find any info on my new Burner, It is a GWA 4164B. From what I could find, I will make the assumption that it is an LG. But, beyond that I have no clue. It came installed in my new computer, I still have my 3500 and I installed it yesterday. I am just wondering if anyone can tell me anything about this new drive. Is it a good one, are there firmware patches for it, should I use it for ripping or should I stick with my NEC. Any information would be welcome. :o

There is no firmware for this burner yet available.
It is Panasonic chipped.

OK, thanks Chef. I will keep my eyes on this forum, It seems I am likely to find the best information on these pages.

The firmware is available, which has been posted here. I can not find the link right now, IIRC it is available on the HP download site. You can also use the GSA 4166 firmware, which is newer, but this will void your warranty.

You could try this one by hp

Have you looked at this thread :


Inside are two main facts :

  1. You will not get firmware from LG for this drive, they don’t support GWA drives.
  2. Firmware is available from HP.

Thanks ala42, didn’t know that.

hi guys i have an acer with the same drive and won’t read or rite cd, but will read dvd and sometimes rite. was woundering if the hp firmware will work on the acer. any ideas or should i give up and get a new drive…
cheers Greg.

It appears that a drive with this part number appears to have been fitted in a number of established PC manufacture machines.
HP has a firmware of 1.10 but it seems that access to it is only available if your have one of the PC.
There is a version 1.05 available on the web and I have tried it to my detriment in so far that the unit did write to to DVD’s and CD but know my drive only writes to CD’s.
When I approached the manufacture of my PC about an update to the firmware I was informed that there was none and I believe that it was also quoted that the unit was an OEM drive.
Explanation given to me for OEM was that the drive unique to each PC manufacture and this fact seems to be born out by LG as the drive does not appear on there website or at least local ones, reference to it may be found on the Global site or possibly as Asian one.