Firmware for DVDR824K/20

i have a DVDR824P model with the firmware P2.2.
I can write +R/+RW and -R/-RW dvd but with the -R/-RW i have problems. -> Is this compatible with my model?



This firmware should work. I also had the same firmware (P2.2) and upgraded to the one you mentioned (P3.3)


But under windows your dvd-rewriter is the DVDR824P or you have the new model DVDR824DP?

My model is the DVDR824K/20 and the firmware is for the DVDR824K/40…there are hardware’s difference between the two models?

Gio (my english isn’t perfect…i’am italian…)


This firmware should work for you. My drive was called “DVDR824P” (FW P2.2)before I flashed" too. Afterwards the name was “DVDR824DP” (FW P3.3).

If this firmware wasn’t meant for your drive, it wouldn’t let you flash.

Normally, you can’t do anything wrong.


P.S.: My english is also not too good. I’m german.

Yes! I have update the firmware and it works…I have write a +R at 8x and it’s ok.


I have problem to write -RW dvd…do you have problem with -R and -RW supports?
Do you use nero?


hi to all, my name is Paul and are Italian therefore you excuse me for incorrected english. I have a problem, I don’t succeed to download a firmware upload from this path “” someone kindly could download it and e-mail me to please help me and thanks thousands anticipated

Looks like they moved the file… go to
then type in DVDRW824K and from there go to the page of your model and look in the ‘software’ section. K/20 and K/40 actually share the same firmware though (files are equal). K/00 has a different one (probably the +R/W only firmware).

According to another thread someone has flashed the K/20-K/40 firmware to a K/00 and it worked:
but I suppose you do it at your own risk.