Firmware for dvd-rom

Hi, im having a problem about the firmware for my Dvd rom,can somebody help me were to find the update firmware ? Here’s my dvd details IDE_CDROMIDE_DVD-ROM 16 X _____1.06, another problem is i don’t know how to get my dvd rom brand…thats the only details i got…thnxs

Ok… go into my computer (assuming your using windows) , right click the drive, propities, hardware tab, and tell us what it says, then we can help you with your firmware

Probably it’s an Artec/Ultima DVD-ROM drive.

Please use Discinfo or Nero Infotool and post the ouput here.

Aside from maybe wanting to change to RPC1, is there actually a reason you need to change your DVD-ROM’s firmware? Typically it’s unnecessary.

Yes it can seriously improve ripping abilities and error correction.

And add reading capabilities of course.