Firmware for CRX220A1?

I found this

What’s “ffixed” about it?

The label says it’s a CRX220A1, Windows claims it’s a CRX220E1. Sony’s website does not list the E1, only the A1, and has no firmware download for it.

What Lite-On firmware can be force-flashed to this drive?

As far as I know the “A” just indicates that the drive is a retail and not a oem drive. This has something to do with sony support. Sony gave only support to retail owners and not to oem owner so a oem owner would never have seen the A.

So the drive is a E1, you can find a firmware for it over at dhc014s page at rpc1

Yeah, already got that and flashed it. Firmware on the drive was the same number, but with the word “ffixed” on the download… If there’s something fixed (but what is fixed?)… so I did it.

Tried to use it to install XP Home Upgrade but kept getting read errors off the retail disc. Might be 'cause of what looks like a minor scratch on the bottom.

Got similar errors with the JLMS XJ-HD166S, flashed it with the fastest speed RPC1 patched firmware, I’ll flash it to the default speeds version.

I’ll see if I can clean up the disc or if it’ll copy and install from that. Why XP Home? Because I just happen to have it and an old 98 CD to pop in for upgrade verification- to sell this cheap box for a bit of profit and keep things legal. :wink: