Firmware for CD/DVD Duplicator



I have been trying to update the firmware on my duplicator its a standalone 1 to 1 and I haven’t had any sucess. Can anyone give me an idea where I can get it. I bought 2 years ago and lately it has been giving me lots of problems. I can’t really figure out who the manufacturer is. Please let me know where I can start. :bow:


Can you find a link to an image of the unit, perhaps on or ebay? That might generate a lead…



I just opened it. And the standalone is a 1 to 1 and the manufacturer is Asustek Computer Inc The source is Model DVD E616P2 (DVD ROM 16x max) The burner is Asustek (its a dvd/cd combo burner) Model DRW-1604P 16x max. Do you think I would be able to find the firmware for this? Someone please help


The standalone is not able to connect to the PC So I would have to burn update to a cd or dvd in order to update machine.


A 1604P is no combo drive.
You would have to contact Asustek to get an updated firmware for this device.


what is considered a combo drive?


Dvd-rom + Cd-rw


Maybe you could post the actual firmware revisions on the drives…


“lately it has been giving me lots of problems” – define problems please. Are you having problems with the burn quality of disc types that previously worked fine? Errors burning new disc types? Problems reading back copies?

Generally, the most common case in which new firmware will help is if you are trying to use newer media than the drive can handle; ie. if the drive only has a media descriptor for TYG02 discs but you are trying to burn TYG03 discs. If TYG03 didn’t exist when the drive was manufactured, the drive may not be able to burn this disc at all or may burn with a suboptimal strategy unless you upgrade the firmware. However, other problems may be a dirty or dying laser, and no amount of firmware flashing will help.

Typically, standalone duplicators like the one you have use standard consumer DVD-ROM and DVD±RW drives, so you should be able to remove the drive and upgrade it like any normal PC drive; this may void the manufacturer’s warranty on the duplicator, however.

If you do decide to upgrade the firmware, you should not have problems with the following:

Step 1: Remove the DRW-1604P drive from the standalone duplicator
Step 2: Connect the DRW-1604P drive to your computer
Step 3: Test that the drive reads and writes correctly.
Step 4: Post the current version number of the drive’s firmware here.
Step 5: Download and flash new firmware for your drive. The latest version is 1.18, available here:

Patch notes:

DRW-1604P(-D) Firmware V1.18
1.Add and modify write quality for some 8X DVD media.
2.Improve 16X DVD media for 16x recording quality. 

Step 6: Re-test the drive in your PC and make sure it still works.
Step 7: Reinstall the drive in your standalone duplicator.
Step 8: Let us know the results :slight_smile:

Hope this helps.


Thank you, Thank you, thank you! The example you gave is what is happening. Ok I have a few questions before I start the process. I know you probably have answered these questions plenty of times but as much as I read in previous replies or forums I got it but I didn’t find how to find the firmware version. 1st of all, How do I find the current version number? 2nd I keep reading in the postings that you need to dump it 1st and then flash it? Or am I understanding that wrong? 3rd When I dowlnoad the version of firmware you posted will that automatically flash my drive when I open it? But I will follow what your excellent instructions as soon as you answer my questions. Thank you so much!


One more question? Can I burn the firware update file to a CD or DVD and insert it in the standalone. The standalone gives me the option to upgrade the firmware, i think. When I hit the enter button to update it reads “please insert source.” Is that only for standalones that can connect to a PC?


Are you sure “updating the firmware” is for the drives built in and not for the duplicatos firmware??

The info posted by reptile will not help you if the drives have SPECIAL firmwares like it is with many duplicators!
That is why i asked you about their current firmwares…


I’m not sure where to find that. Where do I find the current versions of the drives?


Firmwares, not drives.

Nero Infotool e.g.


I never did upgrade but it must be in your manual. Afaik you insert a disc (in your reading drive) with the new fw and execute it from the menu. I think the machine will recognise the right fw and work well… i didn’t try it myself so i’m not 100% but that’s how i think i read it from the manual :wink:

This is to update your controller not your drives btw. If you want to update drives i think you’ll have to put it in a pc/enclosure…


Depends on the duplicator because some of them have drives with SPECIAL firmwares and with other (standard) firmwares they will not work…


Actually I have been using taiyo yuden -r 8x and they are burning at 12x and not having as many problems. But if I still want to update. Shall I just by another duplicator? Or is there a way to update firmware? What should my first step be?