Firmware for BenQ 1620 fails to see drive



So far I have tried to updated my BenQ 1620 DVD-RW drive with all available firmware, especially G7p9.exe which I was lead to believe it would make my drive much more compatible with other storage media. I called BenQ tech support and they couldn’t tell me why this was happening, however kudos to CD Freaks :clap: , they referred me to your site which was where I should have gone to in the first place. When will I ever learn. :doh:

Anyway, the real problem I am having is my drive won’t read 8X DVD-R media. Which really sucks because I just bought a 100 pack of Taiyo Yuden inkjet printable disks Media ID: TYG02. Well I hope this gives someone enough information to help me. According to the inept tech at BenQ the only way I will be able to use these disks will be to buy a new drive.

Now I have to admit I don’t know much about the firmware issue but is there a possibility that the software could be an issue. I don’t know about the rest of you that bought one of these drives but mine came with Sonic Record Now Deluxe and another program called DLA. Is there any reason to not use DLA? :confused:

Thanks to anyone that can help. :bow:

Bobby :slight_smile:


Uninstall Sonic DLA. I haven’t seen a single person who recommends using it, and it has been know to cause issues and problems…


Hi BobbyBPfreindly. Moved this thread to the BenQ forum. If you have a look at the BenQ Faq’s you will see there are all types of flashers available for the BenQ and hopefully you will get more help with your problem in this forum.:wink:


I use Sonic Record Now Ver 7 for files backup, which came with my BQ 1620. I have used B7T9, and now B7W9. Hope this helps.


crossflash your 1620 to the “B” series firmware. check the FAQ on how to crossflash it. the firmware you’re using is the “G” series which was made for OEM 1620 drives.


bulk vs. retail again


Thank you for the advice. That goes for everyone, I might add.

Bobby :slight_smile: