Firmware for an unbranded dvdrw

Hi, im new to using dvdrw’s i’ve bought an unbranded model now although it writes to dvd-rw’s no problem it wont write onto dvd-r’s.

Im hoping a firmware update might help, question is how do i find out who makes the drive.

I’ve used a demo copy of dvdinfo pro to get as possible.

extra info: none

serial number: AD76FD5E

firmaware revision: 040

loader type: tray

buffer size: 2048kb

volume levels: 256

internal interface: ATAPI-3

region code: unset

region control: rpc-2

user changes left: 5

vendor changes left: 4

Any help would be very much appreciated, thanks in advance.

Please post the Show Summary information for the drive from DISCInfo.

What exactly (yes EXACTLY) does this drive appear in Device Manager as? Does it appear as “DVDRW IDE1004” by chance?