Firmware for AD-7190A?

Is there any chance on bitsetting firmware for the 7190. Liggy said he is not making any.:sad:

The 7190 is made by Lite-On and is a 20A3P clone. You could check out the Lite-On forum for some options.

Actually I have 2 AD-7170A 1.04 liggy & wanted to but the new nec. Do you recommend the new Lite-on DH-20A4P or the Optiarc 7190

In all honesty. If you’re happy with the 7170 i would stick with that. If you must have a new burner, i would be tempted by the Pioneer DVR-115. or if you can have a SATA drive, i would also include the Samsung SH-S203B.
If you must have bitsetting and have to have a PATA drive, then the Lite-On 20A4 is a good option.

Have you seen any problems with the self learning option choosing a worse writing strategy & creating a bad burn ?? And also do you recommend the DVR-115 over the DH-20A4

I know I ask a lot of questions but I do a lot of burning & am broadeningor at least trying to broaden my burner choices & selection. The new pioneer or the new lite-on???

I have just bought the SonyNec Optiarc AD-7191S, preloaded with firmware 1.00, any tips of firmware updates for this one?

Check here:

thanks for the link, but what i meant was what kind of firmware patches can i do with it? is it a nec-based writer or lite-on based one?

It is a LiteOn 20A3H. You may want to check out this thread: