Firmware for a hp 9300i series

Is there a firmware upgrade for a hp 9300i series. I saw one on the site but not sure if it will work. Any help would be great.



worked for me. i rebuilt a machine from various parts and had the hp 9300 and used it. the hp installer software could not determine if i had an hp 9300 drive. you need the original install cd to do this. after 3 attempts i flashed it in dos the other way. you have to use part sony and part hp.

use the bin for 1.0c and the sony updater. they are around. i think. if you can’t get them repost. i can email them to you if need be.

i didn’t use the drive much before the upgrade but it seems to be a bit more quiet and smoother. just something i noticed.

no problems with it yet but it has only been a month.

ps - this site has it. at the bottom. firmware + flasher (374kb)

direct link

ps sorry if direct links to files are not allowed