Firmware for 526D

Just curious what the newest firmware is for the 526D.
Is the 526D newer? …older? …better? …worse?
LiteOn’s website shows nothing on this particular model but I’m guessing maybe overall the drive is the same with the exception of one or two different parts.
The firmware I have is YSR7 and none of the flashers have worked so far. The drive performs fairly well but I thought a newer F/W would maybe improve things a little.
As always any help is greatly appreciated and thanks in advance.:bow:

Please try backing up the firmware with mtkflash. Send it to me if it works.

Thanks, I got the firmware. Your drive appears to be the same as the regular 526. I’ll send you something to try to upgrade to YH0X (I think that’s it).

Thanks! Looking forward to trying it out.
Need anything else let me know.

the drive flashed as it was supposed to and seems to be working fine-thanks again for the flash and the help.

Ahhh, cool. And it is now detected as a LTN526S? With firmware version YS0J?

Uh…no. It still says YSR7 and LiteOn 526D.
Does that mean it didn’t flash? The utility said it completed successfully.

Yeah, it didn’t flash :frowning: I have no solution for this ATM unless I could get another full dump like what I got from you.

it’s taken me a few days to reply because of my work schedule but I was going to ask if it would be possible to get the BIN file from a 526S and use mtkwinflash. I don’t know if that sounds stupid since I have downloaded it but never used it. Will it even work on CD-ROMs or is it limited to CD-RWs?:confused:

The thing is; I can only get you two sections out of the 526S firmware when there are a total of 8. I am not sure what would happen if you flashed these two sections only and left the rest. That may have already happened when you ran the updater, but I doubt it. If you’d like I can send you the two files and you can use them with mtkflash in real DOS with these commands: “mtkflash X w /b /a0 file0.bin” and then “mtkflash X w /b /a1 file1.bin”

OK…I guess I’m just going to throw this out there.
If anybody out there has a LiteOn 526S CD-Rom drive and can or has backed up the firmware I would like to ask for a copy of the bin file.:bow:

OK, give this file a try. I recommend that you flash in real DOS with the real mtkflash and not mtk WinFlash just to be safe in this case. Use this command: “mtkflash X w /b YS0J_8.bin”

Let me know if it actually converts your drive this time :slight_smile:

Well, no go on the flash. Thanks for the effort though.

Originally posted by dcjaxon
Well, no go on the flash. Thanks for the effort though.

It didn’t work? Hmmm. Yes, someone with the 526S please make a backup!

I just started searching for the LiteOn 526D and the closest I’ve found so far is Cyberdrive’s 526D.The firmware is no where near the same though.

just found this remark on a website selling LiteOn components:

Notes: (1) LTN-526D Do not support F/W flase function.

What they mean by saying that they don’t support the flash function is probably just that the other updaters wont flash that model. The Cyberdrive firmware is interesting, it comes with F1198.exe which is an early version of mtkflash. The firmware is definately not compatible with your drive though!