Firmware for 40125S



I just recieved my new LiteOn 40x today, I had always been a Plextor lover but I wanted to see what the fuss was about.... Anyway my question is, I saw on LiteOn web site a new firmware version, ZSOK, would this be of any benifit to upgrade to this new firmware???? Does it improve the performance???? I can't find any info on the new firmware........ What it does that is...



well it mainly just makes it more compatible with media

other than that it dont look like much. i personally use tha newest firmware for my lite-on 24102b drive

cause tha way i figure it, is that newest will be less likely to fail when burning cd’s. just my opinion though.


would this be of any benifit to upgrade to this new firmware??? Does it improve the performance???

Generally speaking, new firmware improves quality of burns. It does not necessarily translate into improved performance.

For instance, the VS02 firmware for the 48x burner gives me lower burn times as compared to the VS06.


Depending on which firmware version you already have…

If you have ZS0A or earlier this firmware:

-Gives you mount rainier support.
-Makes your writer writing in P-CAV mode = higher average writespeed/less time for each burn :bigsmile:
-Better write quality and media support.


But no Key2Audio extracting anymore(with Isobuster),while ZSOJ did…