Firmware for 3355


Just bought this Dvd-recorder DVDR 3355, till now without problems,
but is there any firmware that makes possible the Double Layer DVD Recording?
There are only 4 different ways to record, 1, 2, 4 or 6 hours, is it possible to
set this recorder to copy with the quality you choose calculating the rest of time available on the DVD?

Hope you understand my questions, sorry I am from Spain.

Thanks a lot for your answers,

Kind regards

Welcome to the forum :).

Unfortunately, at the moment there doesn’t appear to be a firmware update which enables DL recording on the 3355.

For your other question, if you mean the facility of ‘flexible record’ (make recording in best possible quality with amount of free space available), then I’m afraid the answer is again ‘no’. There are hardly any Philips models which have flexible record (DVDR72 does, I think).

Despite the non-availability of the DL and FR functions, you could consider to upgrade the firmware if your version is earlier than this one from the Philips site .

Firmware upgrade history

Firmware Version BT5_5
Release Date 4 October 2005

This upgrade software solves the following problems:

  1. Compatibility with CANAL+ Decoders / SCART behaviour:

• Recorder will not change to VIEW mode now when EXT 2 Pin 8 changes between 6-12V
• TV will no longer switch to AV preset due to toggling of EXT 1 Pin 8 of recorder when EXT 2 Pin 8 goes from High to Low.

  1. Compatibility with Commercial DVD navigation

  2. User interface improvement
    • Added track number display for CDDA
    • Display remaining time on disc (according to new record mode) when changing record quality
    • <OK> will now display the status bar during timer recording
    • <STOP> will now stop both music/photo playback during music slideshow
    • Status bar will now time-out and disappear when recording is started
    • Red LED will always stop blinking after a timer recording
    • Display Channel Name instead of preset number (/75, /97 only)
    • Changed naming of input source on front display

  3. Red LED blinking after timer recording
    Red LED will always switch off now after timer recording

Firmware Version BT5_4
Release Date 16 September 2005

This upgrade software solves the problem of tuner installation not being able to complete.



Thanks for your answer,

I have the latest firmware, that was the first i checked when i bought this recorder! :slight_smile:

I hope that a firmware capable to record double Layer on this machines will appear soon, so i solve in 80 % the problem of Flexible Record, what i need is to copy 4 hours in 2 hours mode :bigsmile: So the quality of a 2:30 min film will be acceptable :wink:

Thanks again,

Hello guys,

I just got a new dvr3355/55. It was working fine, but just to make things complicate, I performed a software/driver upgrade. Since then, the unit doesn’t power on normally. Instead, to power on the unit, I have to press and keep pressed the power button in the remote control, and then it powers up. If I just press the power button like one normally would, the TV just flashes and the unit doesn’t power on. Also, scheduled record programs doesn’t record anything, apparently because the unit isn’t able to power-on by itself.

So the question is… Do you have a backup of any version of this unit’s firmware older than BT6_4?

Did you take account of the different loader versions when preparing the upgrade CD?