Firmware for 32123S question, help needed



OK, I got my first Lite-On burner. The 32123S model. Now I have been using plextors for years and firmwares have not effected copy protection schemes. Now my question is, do firwares affect the ability to write protections like SD 2.51???

From bootup it looks like I have XS0R firmware right out of the box. Is this one good or should I look for another???



:wink: there is a later firmware for your model . (xsou)



There is a newer firmware out for that recorder, but to answer your question I would have to say no. None of my Lite-On burnners (24x/32x/40x) have ever had problems backing up any SD2 protected media. Now the 24102B was a little slow reading the protection took about an hour, but then a firmware upgrade handled that, and I have been really happy with it and my newer burnner’s ever since then.

I hope that I managed to answer your question in there some where.

P.S. at the moment just about all downloads have been disabled on the Lite-On site I guess due to the rumors that they were hacked, but to avoid getting the this page can’t be found error. try useing this


Well can’t download any at the moment. Guess they are still down. I guess what I really wanted to know is, would it benefit me to do an upgrade or should I just stick it out with this firmware?

Now I have to get SOF II


As I understand it the only thing that the new firmware is for is to add more media support. (ie blank media). So I guess it is more of a question of do you use a lot of different media


no, usually stick to 1-3 brands, depending if friends give me any.
thanks for the help guys


LiteOn also enhances support for already known media. The writing strategy is enhanced, resulting in better quality writes, as well as the maximum write speed (as determined by SMART-BURN) is adjusted.
In general you should always update to the latest version, as this will give you better quality CDs.


Sorry, but is there new firmware that proceeds firmware XS0U for the LiteOn 32123s drive. If so, can someone post the link please.


chrome :slight_smile:


There is no newer firmware than XS0U, and you can find XS0U here