Firmware for 2500

Could someone please let me know best firmware at present for 2500,

I presently use 107 pioneer and burn G04 @ 6x, G05 @ 8x and Fujifilm03 @ 8x
all with no problems, have just bought ND2500 and would like to get comparible burn quality from it, not bothered about DL yet.



RiTEK G04 and G05 are locked to 4x in most firmwares. FUJIFILM03 burns @8x with all firmwares.
The only firmware without DL capabilities, that is able to write all mentioned media @8x, is Herries 1.07v2b4.
With DL there are Herries 1.07v2b5dl and the new “official” 2.06 firmware from 2510A, that writes G04 @4x, G05 @8x and FUJIFILM03 @8x. Also, the older 1.05 and 1.06 (both versions) for the ND-2500A support these writing speeds.