Firmware for 24/10/40A plextor

hey should i update my firmware
i dunno wat version i got
i ahve never updated and i dont exactly know what it would do
but im just wondering will it make things better or something.
i got a plextor 24/10/40A
if i do upgrade is it possibel to go back if sumthing ever happened?

You can check your firmware versions with burn programs suchs as Nero, CloneCD, etc. You can also use Nero InfoTool to check your version. Usually a newer firmware is always better than a previous version. But I also have a rule: if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. What do you need it for?

And over all firmware 1.02 is fine fo all :o)
That s what i have

1.09 works wonderfull on my Plexxxy 12/10/32A
and freQ and reliably backups up titles
inc: Tiger Woods Pga Tour 2k2, MOH, ect ect

go plexxxy go :slight_smile:

upgrade this one to the last one: 1.04

1.04 does give you benefits like better compatiblity and a few fixes but it also does something else. Like some new firmwares for other brands and drives of CDRWs, I think it also changes the requirements for the CDRW to change from 20x to 24x, with PowerRec II. As in, before with 1.03, I was able to burn almost all my cds at 24x (btw I use low-quality light-green cds for my cdrw, so if you use high quality ones I guess it won’t matter), but with 1.04 around half the time it just stops speeding up at 20x. I just changed to a different spindle of cdrs and its better now, but there are still times when it only goes up to 20x. Not that big of a deal, but it is something to keep in mind.