Firmware for 112d

I jast bought a new dvd rw 112d poineer. Withouht knowing about all the cool firmwares out there i flashed it to 1.21 original from the homepage… Can i still flash to buffalo or something else?
Should i do it? What benefit will i get from it?
can u help and tilk me through it?

@ barkan,

Suggest reviewing the informative “Instructions.Txt” file contained in the “Koba Flash Package” ( for detailed information on flashing the Pioneer DVR-112 series Drive.

Also to supplement the “Koba Flash Package” also suggest visiting The Dangerous Brothers Web Site ( and look for Pioneer DVR-112 series Flashers.


I read it. Too technical 4 me. Can u explain 4 a noob?

Is bufflo cirmware better? How? Is it possible to flasu after 1.21 flash?

@ barkan,

Have you actually READ the below “Instructions.Txt” file contained in “Koba Flash Package”? I believe that Forum Member has done an excellent job in providing detailed information in flashing series DVR-112 drives. If you find the Flashing procedures instructions that Forum Member has detailed “Too Technical” perhaps Flashing your Pioneer DVR-112D is not a task that you should attempt.

The “Koba Flash Package” can be obtained at the below Web Link ->


Thank you. I understand most of it and i did read it more than once. The question 4s can i flash after flashing to 1.21 and do i need to follow all the flash stepts? Can i flash dirrectlz

i mean…
“The patched flasher for A12J 1.09 firmware will only work with provided 1.09 firmware. Same goes for Buffalo where the flasher provided will only work with provided 8.06 firmware.”

my start piont in not the 1.09 that was provided… i flashed it to 1.21.

will i get lightscribe with the buffalo version?


lol… and what about the other question?

@ barkan,

The Buffalo 112L 8.21 Firmware is the more “Full Featured” available Firmware which provides DVD-RAM Writing (Burning)/Auto Bit Setting of both +R & +DL Media/LabelFlash capabilities. The Buffalo 112L 8.21 Firmware does not provide LightScribe capabilities because the DVR-112 series Drives lack the necessary internal hardware for LightScribe capabilities.

To Flash your Pioneer DVR-112 with Buffalo 112L 8.21 Firmware follow the below steps EXACTLY as provided by Forum Member Koba in his Instructions.Txt file without taking ANY shortcuts. Taking ANY shortcuts along the way will cause unsuccessful results.


thank you!

i will stop asking stupid questions now… thank you for being patient with me.

Hi there
Trying to download “Koba Flash Package” and keep getting the the message when extracting that its an unknown format or corrupted. Tried downloading loads of times and still cant extract the files. Can I download the relevant files from another link?
Just would like to get my 112D to write to DVD-RAM if possible .

@ bigbossa,

Prompted by your # 12 posting as the time/date of this posting I downloaded Form Member’s Koba Flash Package titled “Updated Firmware and utility for A12J&” from the below Web Link and everything is working correctly (no file corruption). In short something is not working correctly on your end.

Suggest visiting the WinZip Web Site (( and obtain the newest current version 11.1 of WinZip.


Thanks bjkg
I’m using Winrar .I will try Winzip and see how I go . Thanks for that :wink:

still no luck . I don’t know whats wrong

Winrar 3.x is required, or use the free 7zip.

I used my Vista drive and had no problems .Something wrong with my XP?
Thanks for your advice :wink:

Vi$ta is hella buggy.

Flashing in SAFE MODE is always recommended.

Can I upgrade at the firm 8.21 (from the 8.09 firm) with the Koba’s pakage? :slight_smile:

If you updated to 8.09 with my package there is no problem flashing to 8.21.