Firmware for 1008



Noticed tonight that there is new firmware for 1008 numbered 0059 is this reverting to an old firmware as there seem to be a few discs listed that I’m sure were compatible before


BTC labels their firmware in the following way:

first digit = ? (it has always been zero)
second digit = revision of the firmware
third and fourth digit = major firmware version

thus…V0758 means the seventh revision of major firmware number 58
thus …V0059 means the initial release of major firmware number 59


first two digits = revision of the F/W but there was no rev. 10 of any F/W until today.


Do you think I should install it or leave things as they are


i would try the new one and look for changes in quality of the burns for the used medias.

you can always flash back to an previous version when you are not satisfied with the new one.


I used the 0059 successfully to burn a CMC DVD+R at 4x, seemed fine. Don’t have enough experience to say it was better.