Firmware fo PX-130A

I see in a scan people who as the firmware 1.04 for plextor DVD-ROM 130A where is the link for download, the plextor page the firmware only is the official 1.02


Are you talking about this thread?

The 1.04 there is not a Plextor FW but a ‘crossflashed’ firmware from another manufacturer. You’ll find a link some postings above the scans. But be careful. If you don’t know how to do this you might break your drive.

What tools do i need to crossflash the Plextor PX130-A to a BenQ DVP 1650V with original BenQ Firmware?

i want to this firmware ;p but i can’t find on a above link.

if i install this fm the warranty will be void ?

Does WinDWFlash works with exe and do the trick?