Firmware flaw in Intel X25-M G2 SSD may cause data loss

Intels latest SSD, Intel X25-M G2 seems to suffer from a firmware flaw that may lead to data loss. Setting a HDD password in BIOS, and then removing or changing this later, will cause data corruption on drives with firmware 02G2.

A firmware update that fixes this issue is expected to be released in the next two weeks. Intel has stopped delivery to retailers until that firmware update is available.

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Even the mighty Intel can get it wrong. :slight_smile:

2+2 = 3.99999999999999999999999999999999

They learned from the FDIV bug that just telling people that it isn’t really that serious isn’t going to work. Two examples from Wikipedia:

4195835.0/3145727.0 = 1.333 820 449 136 241 002 (Correct value)
4195835.0/3145727.0 = 1.333 739 068 902 037 589 (Value returned by flawed Pentium)

4195835*3145727/3145727  = 4195835 (A number multiplied and then divided by the same number should result in the original number)
4195835*3145727/3145727  = 4195579 (The flawed Pentium)

Then there is the memory translation hub data corruption issue and the FOOF lockup problem…