Firmware flashing/Warranty?

Lets say I live in U.S and I own a pio DVR-112D & I download the official pioneer firmware from the europe site or the japan site does this void my warranty? Can I only use firmware from U.S. site? What is the difference between downloading DVR-112D 1.22 from EU, JP or from the U.S. site??

Hi :slight_smile:
It should be OK if it is official Pioneer f/w. :cool:

If your drive wrecks during a flashing accident, warranty is gone also.

Is there differences in downloads of the same firmware from different countries??

No, I have never heard of different firmwares for different countries, what would be the purpose? I have firmware from Chinese websites that work just fine in Region 1 drives. There are also region free firmwares and they are no different except for being region free.

But there are different firmwares from different OEMs, in this case be awake…