Firmware flashing problem? Not sure... (think i have the right forum now)

I posted this in the main forum, but I think it’s more relevant here… you guys probably know this better…

First off, hello. I’ve been reading these forums for my problem and you guys are great.

I downloaded the firmware tool and backed up my Sony DW-D22A .bin file, and proceeded to download the lite-on 1633S.BS41.stock .bin and went ahead and clicked “update” on the firmware tool.

It’s been running now for about 35-40 minutes, and still says “Programming…Please Wait”… so I was wondering how long this usually takes?

Also, I’ve already noticed that My Computer now shows it as a DVD-RW as opposed to CD Drive which it showed when I first installed before touching the firmware.

It’s been like an hour now… says Programming…Please Wait (100%)… device manager still shows it as the sony

anybody? I’m afraid to restart my comp… I don’t know what to do …

I get this behaviour when using LtnFlash on my 812S@832S (because it’s out-of-date).
Restarting you comp shouldn’t kill your drive.

mediatek chipset based drives (liteon) are undestroyable. in worst case you can recover them with mtkflash in dos.

thanks for the reassurance guys…

Now I’m confused…

Nero recognizes it as a Lite-On… but Device Manager doesn’t???

is it recognized by device manager?

yeah device manager recognizes it… but as the Sony

so is this ok? :slight_smile:

XP calls my drive a Sony DW-D22A, a Lite-On 1633S, a CD Player, a DVD Player, or a DVD Writer, depending on what mood it is in, what media is in the drive, etc. If Device Manager can see it and you can burn to it, all is well.

there maybe is a little problem with the drivers, but as long as you can burn, you don’t have to worry.

ok great thanks guys