Firmware Flashing problem help please!



Hi all, sorry to say im a bit of a noob when it comes to dvd drives an would greatly appreciate any help pple could give me.

Im runnin a BENQ DVD DD DW1620 an my firmware is B7C9. Ive been looking around an folk have recommended flashing it to B7T9. Ive found the file im looking for an I tried to flash it, turned off most progs in the background an away it went…after 3 mins the program stopped ssayin it had been interrupted or couldnt complete. Tried doin it in safe mode an still no joy. Tried another way of doing it using windwflash an the B7T9.cvt file an still no joy. I got a fail1117 error. Would greatly appreciate any help anyone could give


Never heard of B7C9 its not even on BenQ’s FTP server could you confirm that is the firmware by downloading and running BenQ firmware check utility
firmware check

It will list the drives in the system and what firmware version they are.

Try changing your IDE cable and double check that the drive is set to either master or slave correctly and then try flashing the B7V9 firmware for the 1620.