Firmware flashing disaster


I have a Toshiba XM6104TA SCSI CD-Rom. It had firmware revision 1001. It worked pretty well as a data drive but it’s DAE performance was pretty bad. But it would play audio CDs. I figured I had nothing to lose, so I flashed the firmware with the updated 1404 firmware from the firmware page. Huge mistake. The flash seemed to work OK, but now there is no DAE at all. It won’t even play an audio CD any more. Data CDs still seem to read, so it isn’t a total loss.

Does anyone have the older Toshiba firmwares? I’d like to flash it back to an earlier version. I recommend that this 1404 version be avoided.

Anyone care to recommend a new SCSI CD or DVD drive that does decent DAE? Thanks.

I can’t help you on the firmware, but I can advice you the best SCSI-CD on the market: Plextor40TS.
VERY fast and reliable DAE and can rip copyprotected audiocd’s.

Unfortunately I can’t help you on the firmware either, but I have to agree with Wannes.
The 40 speed Plextor SCSI drive is the best.

Man, you guys were right. I got the Plexi 40x SCSI drive and it’s sweet. It does DAE like a champ. EAC and Nero love the thing.

I think I found out what may have gone wrong in the firmware flash on the Toshiba drive. The drive self-identified in BOTH the BIOS boot screen as well as Windoze device manager as a model XM6401TA, so I used the firnmware identified for that drive off the firmware page. Didn’t work. BUT… when I removed the drive from the computer (to install the Plexi), the label on the drive tells me it’s a XM6401B version 3, which has a completely different firmware. Hummm… I’m gonna try to re-flash the thing with the different 6401B firmware and see what happens. At this point, I have nothing to lose. If it brings it back to life, I have an old K6-2 box I’ll put it in. A 40x Toshi is better than an ancient 8x NEC. Fingers crossed.

Yeah baby! Re-flashing with the XM6401B firmware worked. The thing works again. It still incorrectly self-identifies as an XM6401TA, but so what. Saved a perfectly good drive from the trash can.