Firmware flash Optiarc AD-7200A

[qanda]This thread is about the Optiarc AD-7200A. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I updated the firmware of my Nec/optiarc AD-7200A with the latest flash 1.09 from the Optiarc website though my unit was working fine. Now it will not read any disks. It opens up a windows explorer window with no information. The drive will not boot disks either. I have tried it with a usb 2.0 interface on a pc and mac and it sees no data. I have tried all the flashes for this drive on the Liggy and Dee website and result is the same. Of course if I had backed up original firmware before I flashed the update I suppose I would not be writing this.

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if your drive doesn’t even boot from a bootable disc, then it’s probably dead.
I guess this hardware failure was coincidence and not due to the firmware update. Unfortunately, you’ve void any warranty by using inofficial firmware during your troubleshooting attempts.


A note on the optiarc website stated that even the official flash invalidates the warranty. As to the failure of the drive, it spins, it is recognized by the bios, and when I put in a disk and explore the disk it spins and opens a blank window. I understand that if the drive was originally sold with a computer it may require a propietary flash. I found one for a Gateway sold AD-7200 and flashed but efffect same. I thought that if this drive was sold with systems by a few other manufacturers that I may find those bios flashes.

Just another idea:
What controller was this drive connected to when you flashed the firmware? I am asking since some PATA controllers have issues with optical drives.

You may try flashing the drive (to stock Optiarc firmware) installed in your USB enclosure.

P.S.: I will move this thread to the NEC/Optiarc forum where there is hopefully some more additional input.