Firmware Flash, lets OS see burner as CD only, not DVD



Looks like I may have messed up the firmware on my DVD burner:
NEC ND 2500A.

I’m using NERO 6 as my burner program. OS is Win 98 SE.

I flashed the drive with an .exe flasher of the newest firmware, 1.0b, from NEC. Everything seemed to go well. Nero’s Info Tool says I have the firmware installed.

The drive works, except:

“My Computer” or “Explore” shows the drive as a CD burner, not a DVD. Any DVD media put in, gives zero for the available size. CD media, shows size used and available, correctly.

Checking the Control Panel|System|Device Manager, under CD, the burner is listed (at list its name) and says the driver is loaded and is working properly. I guess that’s correct, but the firmware has turned it into a broken, DVD burner.

Even though, the OS doesn’t recognize the burner as a DVD, I can burn to DVD media; but only once, regardless of whether or not I set it to burn in multi session or session-at-once. Even though I should be able to burn more, the media is finalized.

After a DVD media burn though, , the OS reports the space used, but still the available space, as zero.

I reinstalled the firmware; reinstalled Nero; flashed the firmware again; flashed the firmware back to the original; tried different blank media as well as recorded media; moved the burner to a Windows 2000 computer. Nothing made a difference. Each OS shows I have only a CD burner. So, it has to be the firmware, right?

Searching Google, I found others had a similar problem. A couple of people reported the problem was fixed by flashing (as NEC instructions say) in “Safe Mode.”

But, in Safe Mode, no CD drivers are loaded (nor are the video card or mouse drivers). If the CD drivers aren’t installed, how is Safe Mode going to find the device?

I put the firmware on a floppy and ran it anyway.

The results were an error: ASPI32 Target not found [Target NEC ND-2500A is not found correctly].

Which I guess isn’t surprising, since Safe Mode sees no CD.

How do I get around this, so I can flash in Safe Mode? Is that the answer?

Since some found that to correct the problem, how do I fix this so I can flash in “Safe Mode”? I have no clue as to how to get safe mode to see the burner and get ASPI32 right.

Or do you think there is another reason for the OS not reading the burner or the media as DVD?

Having tired the burner on two computer, with different Operating Systems, to me, that points to the firmware. But maybe I’m wrong.

On a web site, which I can’t find anymore, it listed all the firmware for NEC burners:, in the original form from NEC, and a binflash form for DOS (and I think Linux too).

If I can’t fix “Safe Mode,” ASPI32 and not seeing the CD problem, would it be possible to flash from a DOS boot with CD support?

If so, does anyone know where that web site is? Or, where I can get the firmware in DOS?

First though, I’d like to be able to flash from “Safe Mode.” If you think that is the answer.

I’m shooting in the dark here. –

Any help?

Thanks, Bob


All that seems OK to me.

Windows Explorer will always see a DVD burner with blank media as a CD burner. Windows does not know what to do with blank DVD media , maybe that changes in Vista but up to & including XP that’s the case.

I think the only worrying thing is perhaps the inability to do multi-session properly.

As for flashing in Safe Mode, well that works OK with XP but I guess in 98 as there are no inbuilt drivers for CD/DVD burners then it doesn’t work. Booting from a DOS floppy with CD writer support should work OK.



So, Windows does not recognized a DVD burner or the amount of space the blank media has available or the space that has been used?

I know that in the Control Panel|System|Device Manager, it lists the drives under CD, but when I look at the drives through Explorer or My Computer| properties, the space available, 647 megs (I think) for a CD and 4.7 gigs for a DVD, as well as how much space has been used, has always shown up.

This is atypical?

and any help in finding the FW in DOS version?


Well in XP I insert a blank CD or DVD then under properties for the drive I see CD Drive & zero free & zero used. This is exactly what I expect.

However , with Roxio’s DirectCD/DragtoDisk , Nero’s InCD etc I might well see something else.