Firmware Flash: How to? Pls answer (newbie)

Lo there been reading a lot the newbies forum and so on, and decided to use Liggys latest firmware for my NEC 3500A. The question is simple:
To do this all I need to do is run the latest BinFlash (gui) utility?? for I have read that it includes latest (b12) firmware?? Do I need to do something first to do this??

Thx. :slight_smile:

First back up your original firmware in case there are any problems. I havent used liggys yet but yes, you should just have to run the flash utility. If it is a windows flasher, then you will probably have to reboot after (and it will probably either tell you to do so or automatically do it for you).

Thx, All I need to know know is wich is the latest version Beta 12 or LD_V1_Final_R3 . . . little confused now. Help appreciated

Last I heard was there is now a FINAL!!! Theyโ€™ve pulled (I believe ) beta 6-12 off the server because testing has been completed.