Firmware Flash Failure

Hi. I just tried to flash my 1620 from B7L9 to B7T9RPC1 with the B7T9RPC1.EXE provided on the dangerous bros site. I used WinDWFlash and did it in safe mode on a XP SP2 OS and got a checksum error. I didn’t mess with it after that and just rebooted normally. Everything looks as it was before the flash attempt.

What did I do wrong??? This is my first attempt to flash a drive. Please advise! Thanks.

After some further thought, let me toss out a few other realizations on this situation: (BTW, I’m a noob here and I apologize if I should have posted this in the newbie section).

does WinDWFlash have to have a .cvt file extension to work?

If the firmware file has an .exe extention can I just double click it and have it run and work properly? Am I over-complicating the process of flashing here? I have a feeling I’m making this harder than it really is.

Alternatively, do I need to have the standard B7T9 firmware already installed in order for the B7T9RPC1 to work?

all the firmware files on the BenQ support site have .exe extensions once they’re unzipped. On my system at least, .cvt files appear with no program associated. I haven’t even tried to do anything with a .cvt file yet. Since my unit is a retail version, I don’t think I need to flash it with a .cvt file.

Am I right on any of this or way off??? :confused: :confused: :confused:

Yes WinDWFlash needs a .cvt file to work, files with a .exe are executables that means they are runnable programs just double click on the TDB B7T9 RPC1 and follow the on screen instructions to flash the firmware.

Thank you! After my first post I started to think I was complicating things. I’ll try it again once I get home.

If anyone else wants to chime in, please post away!

Many thanks :slight_smile:

When you’re crossflashing, you must use .cvt + WinDWFlash. Otherwise, both methods are suppose to be the same. You’re already using B series so double clicking the exe file should work fine.

Now I just realized that… there’s no such rumor like “.cvt is better than exe.” Reading all the myths and superstitions people have here, isn’t it natural someone claim such a thing? :slight_smile:

Not to be nosey but why living in the middle of the USA like me do you need region free f/w? You have alot of different region disks?

I have a good deal of dvds from outside the U.S. and a large collection of R1 titles as well. Also have friends who buy even more than I do from outside the U.S.

If you are a collector i think you would like to find the best version of a certain movie no matter what regioncode… And of course with the original sounds, uncut and so on.

Thanx for the reply as i have no idea if the region free f/w’s work as i don’t have any discs other than R-1. Did you get your flash problem fixed?

Reason to have region free firmware is that a corporation shouldnt dictate how I use my equipment .The same goes for Copy protection and DRM.

Yes, thanks, I got the drive properly flashed and it worked fine. As I am not immediately going to start ripping into any dvds outside of R0 or R1, I went ahead and flashed to the new B7V9 tonight to give it a shot. I’m still really new with this drive though; need some getting used to it still.

Thanks all for your great help and assistance on this forum! It really is invaluable :bow: :iagree: