Firmware flash doesn't work

I’m trying to update my 2510 to herrie’s latest firmware.

I have tried both the flash and backup function - neither works. Foran example, say I write;

nec2x00a -pri -mas -out oldrom.bin

… Nothing happens! The program starts with no errors, pauses for a while, then returns to dos… no oldrom.bin has been created. Same thing happens when I try to flash. Anyone else with the same problem?

You are doing this from real DOS? not emulated XP DOS?

Some versions of the NEC DOS Flash tools from The Dangerous Brothers will refuse to flash devices connected as Primary Master because of the risk of mistakenly sending a bad command to your hard drive. I’ve been told that these flash tools (later versions maybe) do flash Primary Master drives though. You can try moving the drive to another IDE location, then change your command appropriately to flash to that location.

I’ve tried doing it with the dos cd I created from an iso on this site… although when I enter dos with it, not all of my directories and files are available (they’re simply not there when I type dir or when I try to enter them… NTFS problem?)… so I can’t locate the flash files - not even when I put them in c:\ root…

So yeah - I’m doing it in emulated xp dos… but I think the program should WORK at least (but with risk of crashing the computer)…

I’ve tried changing it to slave - same problem! :confused:

I’ve never had any luck in using the emulated DOS.
RE NTFS, you could make a small FAT32 partition and place the flasher and BIN in there, or do it from floppy

No, the program is for real DOS only, not a command line in Windows. You’ll need NTFSDOS drivers in order to be able to read from a drive formatted with NTFS in DOS. The free NTFSDOS drivers are read-only.

Or do as Dee-27 suggested and create a small FAT Partition to hold the flash tools.

Since I don’t have a floppy drive I’ll have to create a fat32 partition then… the only problem is that I’ve used up all space on the harddrives with my ntfs partitions… how can I make one partition smaller and change that free space to fat32? Can partition magic fix that?

Yes, Partition Magic 8 (or higher) will do it nicely :wink:

I did mine at the end of my NTFS partitions, i made mine just 400MEG, more than enough for flashing

At last!! :bigsmile: Everything worked when I when I created the fat32 partition… thank you!!

your welcome :wink: