Firmware flash blue screen crash

Hi…I am a newbie to this forum but I’ve been searching for this problem and haven’t found it. I’m not sure if this belongs here or in the Firmware forum, so I posted it in both. Anyways…I have windows 2000 advanced server and after I flash the drive with ANY new firmware, it will give me the blue screen after the reboot. It will load everything, then after I log on it continues its loading, then give me the blue screen. It will do the same thing in all safe modes. Now here is the wierd thing: after rebooting and getting that blue screen several times, the system event log gets completely filled up. After that it boots up fine; I empty the system event log and everything works fine. What the hell is going on?

Please do not [thread=102254]crosspost[/thread]. Question answered in the firmware forum (as this is more of a general firmware + Windows issue and is not specific to LiteOn).