Firmware flash (Backup old firmware)



I’m using DVDRW SOSW -852S, for some reason my DVD stop responding from normal. I want to upgrade the firmware… But my warrenty will be invalid. It to far for me to go to acer service center and it take whole week to get it finish.

I desperate to finish my assigmnet… i need to use CD…
Can i backup the old firmware?? if the upgrading firmware is not okay, i will switch back to my old firmware so that my warrenty will not be invalid…

My firmware is PRS9 :confused:


You don’t need to back it up, as all of the stock firmwares are available from my site:

Whether it will fix your problem, I’m not sure, but try away and if it doesn’t help, just flash the PRS9 firmware back to your drive :wink: