Firmware dw800 --> b3ic

i just got this drive last wk and i used dmagic1’s hack to change from b2x7 to b3ic …

i used memorex -r 4x dvd … it burned at 4x … i heard that it would jump to x8 … so, is it possible at x8 for memorex x4 -r dvd disc?

1 dvd disc = about 12-15 mins … (almost full disc … about 4.3gb+)

the movie was great … :smiley:

Did you ever flash it with the straight B3IC flash? I might try that. Just remember your burner burns + better and will burn a number of 4x + media at 8x including memorex, ricoh, cmc, TY.

yep straight …

-R will be 4x max. Only +R will burn some 4x@8x .