Firmware/Driver updates for TSST TS-L632H CD/DVD writer

I have replaced the original TSST TS-L632D drive with a new TSST TS-L632H drive in my Toshiba P200 laptop, now running Windows 7.

I continue to get write errors (power calibration area error 380381-26-00037304 - please check if the disc has any scratches, dust or grime) and the DVD-RAM utility reports that the discs are not recognised. I have tried both DVD+R and DVD-R drives from two different manufacturers (Sony & Verbatim), both of which worked fine previously.

Windows reports that drivers are up to date and I suspect the problem is firmware since the new drive has CH01 firmware. I cannot, though, upgrade to TO02 or TO03 firmware as downloaded from the Toshiba website as the upgrade package reports that the existing firmware is incompatible.

I it possible and safe to try to upgrade the firmware using SFDNWIN.exe (and the TO03 BIN file) with the NOCHECK option?

What else might be causing the problem, and how can resolve it?

Resolution urgently required. Any help gratefully received.

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